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Digital skills are essential for work and life, particularly in facing COVID-19 challenges. A report launched by the Learning and Knowledge Development Facility of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the European Training Foundation confirmed the importance of digital skills. 76.2% of respondents agreed that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) or digital skills are their top need to cope with COVID-19.

However, the Digital Skills Gap Index 2021 found that the pandemic has further deepened the gender divide and expanded the digital gender gap around the world, many women and girls are left behind. As women and girls are walloped due to the pandemic, we need to enable their enough digital skills with supporting policies and solutions, ensuring their economic participation. We believe the vision can be done through B20's policy recommendations to the G20 and Women's Business Alliance's recommendations to the BRICS, structured capacity buildings to existing workforces tailored to businesses' needs, and ecosystem empowerment contributed by the public and private sectors.

Therefore, we sincerely invite you to join the APEC Women Connect Virtual Workshop - Women's Digital Inclusion in the New Normal, on 22 July, 2022. The seminar will seek to address the issues of gender equality and the role of digitalization in empowering women in the new normal.

Speakers from the public and private sectors, including UN Women, International Association of Women, B20, BRICS Women's Business Alliance, John Wiley & Sons, TikTok, DHGATE Group, and MyyShop, from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, will share insights and recommendations with you, to enhance women's digital capabilities and promote digital inclusion.

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